If you purchase a Certified Rolls-Royce Motorcar from Fields, you qualify for complimentary service loaners in any of our authorized award winning Service Departments in the United States.

If you are thinking of buying a used car, you may be worried about the reliability and condition of the used car. When you buy a Rolls-Royce certified pre-owned vehicle you have no need for such worries. You will have all the peace of mind that comes with buying a new Rolls-Royce.

Certified preowned Rolls-Royce have undergone a rigorous inspection process dictated by the manufacturer to ensure that the vehicle upholds the highest standards of Rolls-Royce. Once a Rolls-Royce car meets the standards of the manufacturer, the manufacturer gives the buyer a warranty and a stamp of approval that the car is in quality condition. The consumer can buy the used Rolls-Royce and can drive away knowing that if something major goes wrong, the manufacturer and authorized Rolls-Royce dealers will honor the warranty.

Consumers are increasingly buying certified used Rolls-Royce vehicles over non-certified vehicles. The proof is in the steady increase in the number of certified preowned vehicles sold. Certified vehicles have been on a steady increase for several years. Certified used Rolls-Royce cars are good for the consumer, good for the dealer, and good for the manufacturer. The consumer receives a used Rolls-Royce that is in better condition and has a warranty. The dealer sells the used vehicles more quickly - which saves them money. And, the manufacturer enjoys a reputation for having more reliable used vehicles.

If you're shopping for a certified preowned vehicle, be aware that not all programs are the same. Different vehicles and different manufacturers have different warranties and different inspection processes. Our Central Florida Rolls-Royce dealer will be happy to familiarize you with the Rolls-Royce inspection process. Regardless of the differences in the programs, Rolls-Royce car buyers really can't go wrong when it comes to certified pre-owned Rolls-Royce vehicles. That's because Rolls-Royce manufacturing wont allow just any car to qualify as a certified used Rolls-Royce. The manufacturer wants to protect themselves from having to take on the costly repairs of a poorly conditioned car. You won't find a 10-year-old car in a certified preowned program. Rather, the vehicles tend to be automobiles that are freshly out of lease and generally less than four years old. Certified Pre-owned Rolls-Royce cars offer more for your money and peace of mind that is priceless.

Rolls-Royce Certified Pre-Owned or Provenance cars get a 24-month warranty, bumper-to-bumper servicing, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Like most certified pre-owned programs, each car is inspected and given a full servicing by factory-trained Rolls-Royce Motorcars technicians.

Purchasing a Rolls-Royce should always be an exceptional experience, regardless of its age. That's why only the finest previously-owned Rolls-Royce motor cars attain the Provenance title. Each one must pass a series of rigorous checks to qualify and comes with an independent vehicle history and mileage verification.*

You will enjoy complimentary standard servicing using genuine Rolls-Royce parts with a minimum of two years' servicing and warranty cover. This includes 24-hour worldwide roadside assistance and statutory vehicle inspections and/or emissions tests*.

No two Rolls-Royce cars are exactly the same. Our dealers will discuss your needs and available models. They will also help you to choose optional accessories or bespoke items to personalize your car.

With a Provenance Rolls-Royce motor car you have the pleasure of owning and driving an iconic vehicle. For more details, please contact your nearest dealer.

*Market dependent. Please consult your local Fields Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealer for details.