BMW Certified Pre-Owned Program

  If you purchase a Certified BMW from Fields, you qualify for complimentary service loaners in any of our 6 BMW authorized Service Departments in the United States.

Only the best Pre-Owned BMW's qualify for the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Program.  Here are a few of the qualifiers:
  • must have more than 6,000 miles but less than 60,000
  • must pass an extensive examination which include safety, performance and wear conducted by factory trained technicians (4 page checklist)
  • must have a consistent and complete maintenance history
  • tire tread depth must be a minimum of 3mm when measured from the top of the wear indicators
  • brake pads must have a minimum of 5mm of friction material
Benefits of a BMW Certified Pre-Owned BMW
  • Additional 2 years and 50,000 miles of warranty
  • Additional 2 years and unlimited miles of BMW Roadside Assistance (24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico)
  • Attractive rates if you choose to finance or lease your Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.
  • Backed by a nationwide network of BMW dealers
Here are just a few examples of the items on the examination list
  • engine performance
  • transmission shifting
  • steering wheel alignment
  • air conditioning
  • fuel system
  • brakes/ABS system
  • interior/exterior
  • instrument gauges
  • vehicle handling
  • power sunroof
  • convertible top
  • seat belts
  • airbags
  • horn
  • on-board computer
  • wiper/washer
  • exhaust system
  • suspension components
  • alarm functions